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Canine Assisted therapy

Canine Assisted Therapy allows you to attend a counselling session with an extra friend for emotional support. Cass is our therapy dog, she is a rescue greyhound who we adopted after her previous owners abandoned her. Cass is roughly 8 years old and very affectionate, her calm yet loving personality enables her to reach straight into your heart and offer soothing companionship during a time which can be emotionally distressing. 

It was been proven that the presence of dogs and the act of petting dogs helps us release happy and relaxing hormones, which can make therapy a more calming experience. It may be possible for you to bring your own dog to therapy but this would need to be discussed and agreed prior to your session. 

Canine Assisted Therapy is available from the Ferryhill, County Durham site. Appointments last 60 minutes and cost £40 per session. If an agreement is made for you to bring your own dog to sessions an additional charge of £5 will be required. Appointments can be booked using the contact details below or by using the app, simply click the "Book Now" button. The app allows you to see your appointments, edit your information and safely make payments all in one space.

To book contact Flickering Mind Holistic Therapies on 07804240740

Or email:

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