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Blogging Tips That Took me Too Long to Realise

Now I'm not saying I am at the pinnacle of blogging, I think we all know I'm not. I don't have a million subscribers and I'm yet to go viral but what I do know is since I learnt these tricks blogging has become easier and my traffic has become higher and steadier. I feel like some of these tips sound a bit obvious but I'm being honest, they did take me too long to realise and maybe this can give you the head start.

Create a Theme

By creating a theme I don't necessarily mean pick a niche because I mean, I built my niche on not having a niche. Some inception level blogging there lol. But by creating a theme I mean colours or logos. I use the same profile picture, my logo, on all my social media accounts. This makes you easier to identify across platforms. I've also selected a minimalist design with a general cactus theme, that's just because minimalist designs make things easier for my flickering brain and I love cactus'. It add somethings personal to how you're received.

Use Free Helpful Websites

Save yourself time and stress, if someone has already done the work for you don't do it again. The websites in particular I'm talking about are hashtags generators and tag generators. These work by putting in your blog post's title in and they generate the best tags for your post and the best hashtags for posting on Instagram. This saves time and gives you maximum exposure. Other sites such as Canva allow you to make professional looking images and posts for free with pictures which won't leave you subject to copyright issues.

Find Facebook Groups and Twitter Pages

There are tons of Facebook groups and Twitter pages dedicated to bloggers for them to post their latest blogs and get more exposure. Joining these groups can also get you linked up with others, find new ideas and just generally help with everything.

Make a Schedule

This made the biggest difference for me. I made a weekly schedule based on when is the best time to post on social media. Something that I just done some googling to find out. Each day I have a list of where I post, what I post and when I post. For example Mondays are Meme Mondays and I release new posts every Wednesday and Thursday. By having this schedule I can take full advantage of scheduling social media posts for a few days at a time and not have to worry if I'm finding it difficult to stay present on my accounts.

Take Advantage of Proactive Days

Some days you're motivated and some days it can be difficult to put the work in. I think that's the same for everything in life, no matter how passionate you are some days you just need a break. But on those days when motivation is on your side, take advantage of it. Write a couple of blog posts at a time and keep them saved up in your drafts. If you have a busy week or you haven't been feeling too good, past you has already put the work in and all you have to do is publish. This has been revolutionary for me, I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you. For me it has allowed me to run a blog with little to no stress, my readers know what to expect and I have a schedule which is easy for me to stick to consistently. Let me know if you have any top tips for blogging too!

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