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Talks, Groups & Training
Public Speaking Talks

Mental Health Talks

If your school, place of education or work place would benefit from a talk about improving, maintaining and stabilising your mental health please get in touch. Talks are interactive and encourage an insightful and supportive environment. Talks can also be catered to suit your needs whether it be stress management, understanding and working with others or upcoming exams; a talk will be the uplifting empowerment your environment needs. For more information or to book please contact

Group Therapy

Online Support Group and Booking a Private Group

On request you can join our private support group via Facebook. We welcome anyone who wants to meet and engage with others who truly understand their situation. The group is currently to, those struggling with mental illness and friends and family of mental illness sufferers. You can also book private guided meditation and mindfulness sessions or for groups of up to 10. These sessions aim to re-centre ourselves and provide insight.

Hire a Counsellor

Mental Health First Aid Training

Flickering Mind is a source of up to date helpful information surrounding everything "wellness". If your business or education setting could benefit from Mental Health First Aid Training we can help. Training usually lasts 3 hours and can host groups of up to 20 people. Each participant will receive a handbook and a certificate of achievement for their own personal and professional development. Training costs £150, for more information or to book please contact 

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