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Spirituality and Beliefs

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

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I wouldn’t define myself as religious, but I would define myself as spiritual. I would also say I hold my beliefs as strongly as someone who would call themselves religious. My beliefs have seen me through some of my darkest times and have helped me find positivity when it seemed there was none. I’ve collected my beliefs from a number of different religions and belief systems, I’ve chosen what resonates with me and what means something to me. I’ve discovered that spirituality and religion is what we want it to be. I guess that’s how we get extremists, but hey, that’s another blog for another time.

I’m not sure what people of these faiths would think of me taking what strikes with me and making it a part of my belief system. But I hope it is not taken in malice because what I learn, I learn with respect and awe.

Below is a list of what I comprise as my belief system, you might notice which popular beliefs these derive from, you might not, but I would argue that that isn’t what is important. What is important is what you feel when you think about it. This is going to be a long one!

  1. Mother nature is to be loved, mankind ought to live in a way to fit with nature. Land should not belong to anyone person, it belongs to all the creatures and should not be sold. Land is beautiful and should be enjoyed by every being as it is eternal and imperishable. Lives migrate meaning fencing and closed farms are not good. Mother nature works with spirits in the land, and it is unwise to anger them.

  2. Mother nature has supplied us with everything we need to meet our daily needs and cure disease, we just need to look and remain open. For example, naked mole rats carry an immunity to cancers, cockroaches carry an immunity to radiation poisoning. Energies can be sorted and used later as in crystals or “good luck charms”. The ability to suspended disbelief is the only blockage to this.

  3. Imagery to reflect beliefs can be masculine, feminine and without gender. There ought to be equality of the sexes and “if harms none, do what you will” is key.

  4. Rituals can make contact with the divine in the world around us. Existence is orderly chaos. Meditation, enlightenment, chaos, order pain and pleasure are revealed as inseparable parts of a total vision of reality. Although life is not without suffering, suffering has various causes and effects. Actions have consequences, karma.

  5. There is no life after death, more that there is no death. We life on a constant plane of existence. How we live dictates to how we move through this plane. We do not own the atoms which make our bodies, we simply borrow the use of those atoms until “death”. From there we no longer need them, our energy moves through this plane. Time is a constant and energies can move freely. This is why it is important to open doors and windows after death. And to not only cleanse surrounding energies but take precautions to what energies are allowed in to your surroundings.

It’s hard, I’ve discovered doing this blog post, to sum up your beliefs. I’m not suggesting we should write our own bibles but I have to admit, I did think about it while writing this. It just seems to egotistical you know, I’m not trying to start a cult. But positive affirmations are always more helpful to me when they’re written down.

I’m always interested in peoples beliefs so let me know what you think and your strong beliefs.

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