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Easy, Low Effort Halloween Costumes

As I've already said, I love Halloween and love dressing up. Although I love the "go hard or go home" vibes, sometimes you just need something simple. I know, I've been there. You don't think you're going out or you're going to see anyone and then last minute there's a change of heart or something comes up you just can't resist. Scrambling around for something that's easy to do but also looks like you made an effort. That's why I've put together a list of costumes which are perfect for that situation.

Lady dressed as Wally / Waldo for Halloween.
Where's Wally Costume

Is it even Halloween if you don't see a Where's Wally? costume. Made from items you might just have lazing around the house but looks effective.

Stick figure Halloween costume.
Stick Figure Costume

Buy yourself a plain white jumpsuit and either tape or a thick sharpie later you're a stick figure! Job done. You could also invert the colours if you're going out and about at night so you really stand out.

Girl dressed as Wednesday Addams costume for Halloween.
Wednesday Addams Costume

Another Halloween favourite, Wednesday Addams is a simple little black dress moment and who doesn't have a LBD tucked away?

Children dressed as ghosts with white sheets for Halloween costume.
Sheet Ghost Halloween Costume

I love that this is back and trending. The photos and TikToks that have came out of the sheet ghost trend always look amazing. Surely this is the very definition of low effort Halloween costume.

Mean Girls character for Halloween costume, she doesn't even go here!
Mean Girls Halloween Costume

So simple yet so iconic. Everyone knows the movie, which is pretty impressive when you think it's just a hoodie, a pair of sunglasses and a sign.

Couple dresses as Sims characters for Halloween.
Sims Costume

Another costume that's super easy but looks super clever is the Sims character costume. To add to the relaxed vibe of this costume, there's a ton of free templates online so you don't even have to work out how to make the diamond; someone's already done it for you!

So there you have it, a selection of easy Halloween costumes that will also keep you looking good. No matter how last minute your decision is to dress up.

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