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Glamping Nowhere Together

Given the current COVID situation (and that we couldn't afford to renew everyone's passports) this July we went glamping. We've never glamped before but if those instragram influencers pictures were anything to go by, it would be amazing!

Just a note to say that this is not a paid or sponsored post. I'm just sharing my experience with you.

We stayed at Low Greenside Farm in their Yurt. Honestly, it was beautiful. The landscape picture above is the inside of the yurt. It had a double bed, two fold out single beds which doubled as a sofa, extendable kitchen table and storage inside. All the power was from the solar panels which surrounded the outside of the yurt in a bed of wildflowers. There was something about that, everything we needed that week was powered by the sun. Makes you think about how easy it could be to run a home completely on solar power. It also had a log burning fire to keep you toastie and warm on those colder nights. There's nothing better than lying in bed with the glow of the flames, listening to the crackle of burning wood.

Outside we had a fire pit with a detachable grill for cooking, a picnic table and a double hammock. My step-daughter loved that hammock so much, I was convinced we could have just paid for her to have a hammock in a field for a week and she would have been happy. We were separated from the neighbouring field of sheep by a small wooden fence. By the end of the week we were hand feeding them daily and they had all been given names.

The kitchen was outside, in a little hut with everything you would need. Plates, dishes, cutlery, kettle, pots and pans all to use on the gas grill inside. My partner often said getting up on a morning and making his coffee outlooking the mountains, listening to the sounds of nature was something he wished would last forever. Now the toilet was something I had never experienced before, it was an eco self-composting toilet. Not flushing took some getting used too, and the smell. It's not a bad smell, it's just like nothing I've ever smelt before. I'm guessing that it the only time you'd ever smell that, it doesn't smell like a sess pit like you would expect. It just smells like fertiliser. I have to admit, I was ready for a real toilet by the end of the week but honestly, it wasn't bad.

We spent a week with no internet, no TV, no real contact with anyone (there was no signal) and it was beautiful. We cooked on an open fire, walked around tiny old villages in the middle of mountains and played card games in moon light.

During the week we also went to South Lake Safari Zoo, which was an amazing experience. We got so close to a lemur troop with new babies, it was like we were accepted into their tribe. We hand fed giraffes carrots too, those tongues are crazy. They use it with the same dexterity as a hand! Weird.

All in all I would recommend this site and glamping in general to anyone. It was such a peaceful week and we have such calming memories which will last a life time. If you're reading this thinking about getting away, do it. This is your sign to get out there in nature and just be grounded.


If you're interested in booking at Low Greenside Farm, or simply just want to check them out for yourself please click on the link below:

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