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How to Survive COVID-19 Lock-down Without Boredom

During this stressful time, we are all rapidly dying of boredom. Lets face it. Home-schooling is harder than the Pinterest posts made you think is was and there's only so much day time TV that you can watch without going insane.

I've made a list of things to do inside your house or in your garden to keep you and the family entertained. Which isn't an easy thing to do after the first day passes and you realise "damn this is all the same stuff as yesterday".

  • Draw something

  • Have a luxury bath

  • Do your hail, try new styles

  • Paint your nails, don't forget the toenails!

  • Follow a skin care routine (or make your own)

  • Give your self a holiday glow with fake tan

  • Redecorate! That'll change the scenery

  • Finish all the housework

  • Listen to music, have a dance around. HOUSE PARTY!

  • Follow a work out video

  • Have a nap (this is my favourite)

  • Watch a movie or start a series

  • Play on games console

  • Get crafty!

  • Research something

  • Make a new Pinterest board

  • Meditate - my favourite app to help with this is Headspace

  • Walk the dogs (cats, ferrets, hell anything to take advantage of outside time)

  • Sunbathe

  • Bake some treats for you or try dog/cat treats

  • Try altering old clothes to make a new outfit

  • Try making candles or soap

  • Watch YouTube

  • Fill up a charity bag

  • Read a book

  • Play a board game, now is the time for those old guys to shine!

  • Ring a loved one

  • Online shop

  • Do some photography, how artsy can you make everyday items look?

  • Play with your pets, give them a good grooming too

  • Enter some online competitions, you have to be in it to win it!

  • Plan a trip

  • Create a blog - not to rival this one of course

  • Have a fire pit (responsibly!)

Hopefully these will help entertain your family, or give you some ideas on other things to keep you busy. Share how you've been coping with lock-down in the comments!

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