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I'm back!

First things first, I want to say thank you to everyone that held on and stayed subscribed throughout my little disappearance. You've shown belief in me when I didn't have any in myself, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

If you're new here, welcome! This is my personal blog, I hope you enjoy reading and follow on my many social medias. Which as from today, will be back online!

So where have I been? That's a mighty good question and I don't have a great answer I'm afraid. Who's got two thumbs and had another relapse... this unstable bitch!

I know lockdown and COVID was, and still is, difficult for everyone and I did not handle it well. I put on a ton of weight, I lost nearly all my coping strategies, my oldest dog died, I've been completely isolated and I had a break down and left my job. That's a lot to process and to be honest, I'm not finished processing it. But I suppose the good news for you guys is, I have a ton of content just rolling around in my head ready to be spewed onto your screens in my own special brand of blog rambling. Lucky you!

Recently I have been inspired, I think. I'm not sure whether it's inspiration or motivation. But I'm ready to be back, if for nothing, because I find running Flickering Mind therapeutic in its own weird way.

So thank you again, and keep yours eyes out. I'm back! And hopefully will be helping you laugh again shortly.


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