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My Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards spread around a crystal ball.
Tarot Cards Around a Crystal Ball

On Wednesday 13th last week (my birthday) I had my cards read. Now maybe you’re a nonbeliever and are here out of curiosity and maybe you’re curious but what I’m asking is we be kind and respect other people’s beliefs. I’ll be giving information on where I went at the end of this post in case you would like to book too, however this is not a paid promotion or advertisement.

So back to Wednesday. My day started off in typical Annie fashion. I was running late and then got in the car to remember I had no petrol. I do this all the time and I hate that I do this. I think “oh that’s a problem for tomorrow’s Annie” after I skirt into the street on the red light. I tell you “yesterday Annie” has a lot to answer for. So I arrive at the petrol station and all the pumps are off. They had to reset them. I waited just hanging around my car for a while and thought I don’t have time for this I’ll just chance it (I do this a lot too, much to the annoyance of my better half) so I get in my car, seat belt on start the engine and you guessed it… the pumps came back on! So I get back out and fill it up, go to pay… forgot my card. This is a great start, luckily I had my credit card. What’s a bit more credit on your birthday ey?

So I saunter on down to the little town. Now the high street I was going to is one long street, straight line on a bit of a hill. So tell me, how did I get lost on a straight line? 100% sure I needed to be at the top of the street that’s where I parked. I walked the entire length downhill of the front street, nope can’t find it. Check my phone and it was even further top than I thought. Turn around and walk uphill back to where I started and further. I was sweating! Running late! Flustered! I couldn’t take my hoodie off to cool down because my dumb ass thought “ooo don’t have to wear a bra, free boob-ing it” so now I have swampy pits and I’m stuck in my hoodie. This is when some builders thought it was perfectly acceptable to wolf whistle at me and then make some comments I didn’t hear. So now I am stressed, late, swampy and unsafe. But you haven’t heard the kicker yet! I get to the place I need to be and she was running late! It happens to us all but lord I’d been tested all morning lol.

Now I’m finally in and able to replenish the fluids I had lost in my swampiness when she offered me a cold water. I had two. Now we’ll get to the reading! I always hate when you read a blog for the title and it takes you 15 minutes to get to actual story so forgive me that I’ve literally just done that exact same thing!

Woman's hands holding an amethyst crystal.
Amethyst Crystal

At the beginning she told me a bit about how she works and she was a lovely lady with a real aura of calm. My grandad came through with the number 17, my Dads birthday, but she told me this message wasn’t for me. It was for my Dad but he knew my Dad wouldn’t ever go to something like this or believe anyone else if they told him. I was to tell him he was watching over and I felt to tell him happy birthday. After all it’s the 17th of this month! I never thought a grandparent would ever come through for me, they all died before I was 12. But I mean technically he didn’t come through me did he?

I made a few key points from my reading. That Angels are around me, and if I don’t ask from them they won’t give, so ask of them. That although I’ve had many difficult and dark days there’s going to be less and less of them if I stick with treatment and this soul searching I’m currently on. I did not pull a single card relating to money, no big incoming. Seems about right. But in true glass-half-full energy I suppose that means no big losses too! We talked about this change in work, my spiritual guidance was to not rush into anything. To learn all I can. A big change is coming but it must be calculated. This is my blog, my new offering of appointments, my talks with offering equine therapy, my store, everything. Things will settle into a new path in time but that’s what it needs, time.

Smack in the middle of the cards I picked out was a rainbow of love card, I’m told one of the two best cards to pull. It showed I have reached a stage in my life where I am only surrounded with love. I couldn’t agree more, it’s took some time but I have gotten to a stage where I have left all toxicity behind. It’s truly empowering but also liberating to know that whoever you talk to in your circle of friends and family you will only be met with support, honesty, open communication and love.

When looking at my relationship another significant pull of cards. Out of the entire deck I pulled the Queen of Cups and the King of Cups side by side. My relationship was strong, met to be. Again, I couldn’t agree more. My man is the most understanding, funny, supportive man out there. Yes I know I’m biased but that’s my truth. I was upset that the cards didn’t see children for me yet. But what’s funny is she told me the exact same thing my partner told me, there’s so much change, now isn’t our time. We need things to settle. I was told this means at least for the next year will be our settling period into what’s right and after that the children will come. The cards showed me surrounded by children but I know that’s my stepdaughter and my million nephews and all my best friends kids. I love them all, like they were my own but with my fertility being the way it is I know it’s not me surrounded by my own children. And I think I’m becoming okay with that.

Overall it was a very positive reading. I left feeling re-enforced on my spiritual journey. I literally felt my aura brighten as I walked out the door. I’m on the right path. And in exchange for a flustered morning I got some free incense sticks, it was a beautiful gesture. In a years time I’m going to go back, check in with my spiritual guides.

If you’d like to look at Angel Palm Therapies or book something for yourself you can find them at:

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