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Reflecting on my YouTube Podcast Interview

Podcast interview set up
Podcast Set Up

I am nervously excited to introduce my first full appearance in a video podcast. Watching this podcast back, I was a bundle of insecurities. I felt I looked a lot larger than I am and you could tell I was nervous as a twirled in my chair for the first 10 minutes or more. But as I settled more into the conversation and relaxed I think I'm happy with how it went. I'm actually looking forward to trying the next podcast which comes my way.

If you'd like to watch us talk about mental health, the beginning of Flickering Mind and what's instore for the future check out the video below!


Podcast interviews are an opportunity to share your knowledge and insights with an audience. Try to enjoy the experience and focus on the value you're providing.

Remember, it's natural to have some jitters, especially in the beginning. With practice and experience, you'll likely become more at ease in front of the camera. Good luck with your future podcast appearances! Use YouTube promotion to increase your podcast's views on YouTube:

Annie Taylor
Annie Taylor
Sep 13, 2023
Replying to

That’s to kind. Thank you so much!

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