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Transforming an Old Kitchen Table

I transformed an old kitchen table I got for free into a new stylish coffee table.

I hate it when you click on a "how to" post and you have to read the guys life story before you can get to the actual "how to" so I'm going to try and make this brief!

I got this kitchen table when we first moved into our new house. We didn't have much money (still don't to be honest) and we got a lot of furniture from Facebook Market place. I reached out to one woman who had a kitchen table up. I got in touch and she was lovely, said come on round and have a look. I jumped in my sisters van and we went straight there, she told me when she first moved into her house she was in the same situation as us and wanted to pay it forward now she was in a better position. The angel gave us a kitchen table, four kitchen chairs and a large area rug for free. Faith in humanity restored.

Given our current COVID-19 Lockdown I decided now was the time for a transformation. I'm going to be using the chairs in another crafting adventure in the summer to create garden furniture, so keep a look out for that one too!

Here are my stages of how to transform a kitchen table into a coffee table!

Stage One

This started with Neil measuring all the legs and marking off how low to the ground we wanted the coffee table to be. Once all the legs were evenly marked Neil took to it was a metal hacksaw and chopped away!

Stage Two

Once those legs are chopped and unscrewed from the table top they are spray painted! The spray paint I bought, I didn't have the highest hope for because it cost me £1 a can. Although it did take a few cans, I have no complaints at all. It worked a charm and gave a great shiny finish, like the metal had been black all along.

Stage Three

Painting was difficult. More because I am a perfectionist and I was going for that drift wood, farm style, naked paint look. Yes, that is a lot of looks. I used a dry brush and made sure it stayed dry between strokes. I built up the layers as I went along so I didn't have an even dark under-layer. The picture still has some of the paint drying but you get the over all picture. Once the paint was dry I lightly went over the whole thing with sandpaper so even out the depth.

Overall I'm very happy with the finished results. Once it's dried off and I can find a nice decorative bowl in a charity shop to sit on top it'll finally be complete. I hope you like it too and please let us see your home DIY projects.

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Membro sconosciuto
01 apr 2020

Looks good. The key to such things is the preparation

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