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Unemployment: Are We Asking for too Much?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

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The thought of writing this post today was brought to you by Neil’s visit to our local job centre. It got me thinking two things…

  1. Where are all the jobs?

  2. Are we asking for too much from employers?

I still haven’t found the “right” role after my last relapse. I was working for Mental Health Concern (ironic I know, us messed up people seem to be good at giving other messed up people the advice we should be listening to). I was full time with a full case load, struggling. Finding new employment after my latest relapse has not been easy, I’m lucky, I guess “care” is considered a trade these days. Which in itself I think shows a lot about modern society. I found work with an agency, zero hours contract, but at least I could be the one in control of my calendar. But what about those without a trade? They can’t be so lucky, it appears.

I made decisions, decisions that I would not work weekends, that I would not work night shift and that I would not work long days. I also decided I would only work a maximum of three days a week. I didn’t make these decisions lightly, I knew it would restrict the work I could be offered and I also knew my income was going to dramatically decrease from my fast pace employment days at Mental Health Concern. But I also knew, I had to take care of myself. I often get people say to me, “it must be brilliant working those hours and having all that time to yourself”, I tell you what would be better being able to feel stable and happy in employment that completely fitted me. Apparently, I did want too much from employers. Because I still to this day, have no offers.

Interesting how many in these statistics are stable or on zero hour contracts or are happy. Because happiness seems to have fell to the side when we talk about employment.

What is the Truth?

I’m not sure, but I do know it is not that simple. Returning to the work force is hard for anyone but I think those with restrictions, although placed on themselves by themselves, face an uphill battle. People struggle to understand, they say “it’s just a job, take it until something else comes along”. But what that really means is, “you’ll get sick, and unwell but hey at least society will look at you more favourably if you’re employed”. Just imagine thinking that those are your only options.

It seems what we all want is just a job that fits us as individuals, but it also seems employers either don’t want individuals, or just don’t have the means to support individuals. I’m not here to place blame on anyone, more to open the topic of conversation.

Are we actually looking at the type of person we are interviewing or are we checking our boxes for the most equally submissive and qualified person?

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