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We Went Pumpkin Picking

Disclaimer: this is not a paid advertisement or a sponsored post but I will post at the end where we picked our pumpkins.

Pumpkin picking is something I’ve been dying to do for years! It just seems overall a much more wholesome experience. Travelling down my local farm and rummaging through the fields with my wheelbarrow. Just feels different, you know?

So our usual tribe has been downsized due to the passage of time. Usually there’s my little family of 3 and my sister with her quartet of boys along with our neighbour and her youngest. But these darn children just continue to age! I used to be cool, at least I thought I did. But now some of them of teenagers and rest are rapidly catching up to them. What am I going to do with my time when they don’t want to hang out anymore? Who will come with me to these little family activities I love so much? Let’s not jump down that rabbit hole! Not today at least. So we packed the car, adults and a kid each, and hit the road.

I was surprised on how many people were there for such an autumnal weathered day. A little bit rainy and a whole lot of cloudy we got our wheelbarrow and hit the field. There was a good mixture and I wish I could have bought one of every type we saw. I kept checking other people’s wheelbarrows like where’d they find that! I kind of like that you had to do a little foraging if you wanted a unique one. I also love that they would just appear in the middle of a vine of your “typical” pumpkins. Like life finds a way to shine a little unusual through.

Car book filled with freshly picked pumpkins.
Car Filled With Pumpkins

They also had a sunflower maze. Which we didn’t explore because we got rained on. But we got 4 different pumpkins for £8. Good deal if you ask me. The others got their pumpkins. We got a sandwich from the hot food tent. The kids had a go at ball toss and all won a prize. And that was us! Had the weather not been rainy we probably would have spent a lot longer there but nevertheless we had a great time.

We got home. Me and the little one baked an apple crumble and then got down to carving. Well I say we, my partner and little legs did. I did a bit of work. But these are the masterpieces my favourite people came back with!

Perched owl and minion carved into pumpkins in front of a work burning fire.
Our Carved Pumpkins.

A minion and an owl. I’m biased yes but to me they are the most adorable pumpkins ever! Once these pumpkins begin to take a funny turn, like leaving out fresh root vegetables normally do, I’m going to be making autumn candles with them! I’ll be showing you how and discussing the smell they infuse my home with soon.

If you want to go pumpkin picking we went to East Grange Farm in Durham. You can find them here:

We’ll be going back in the summer to pick berries to make jams and other tasty treats! Be sure I’ll update you all on that too!

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