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Why my Life on Social Media has Changed?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

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My life on social media (including this blog) has changed dramatically in the past couple of months. I’ve decided to be more real, because I am more happy in my reality right now, so why should I feel ashamed of what I’m happy with? Because let’s face it, that is the root cause of why we only post the good stuff. We want other’s to think “damn, I’d be happy if I was living the good life like that” which people aren’t likely to think looking at your make-up-less tired face talking about how you’re chilling on the sofa with the telly. But if it makes me feel like I’m living my good life, then sod it.

I also used to filter what I posted through fear of who might see my posts and what that might start. I mean damn, we all know we have some people that follow us on our social media that are just there to be nosy. Some that would screen shot your post to send to another and laugh or judge what is happening. But again, it took me 27 long years to realise… I don’t care. Sure it hurts to feel unloved or unliked, but at the same time I’m not going to censor myself on the off chance that someone takes it the wrong way or enjoys my bad times. I am a nice person, an incredibly open but also honest person, someone who has realised what she needs to truly be happy in this world; and I tell you what, it’s not a lot. So why should I feel ashamed or worried to show my true self on social media? I’m not sure, but I do and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does.

This blog has also suffered in this revolution. I once posted once a day and now it’s dwindling to once a week. But was I ever really being realistic? Once a day! I look at that now and think damn, aint no body got time for that. I lost sight of why I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to start this blog for me, for the therapeutic value it would have for me. When I began actually getting hits I thought, wow this might actually help somebody else. Maybe it has maybe it hasn’t, I hope it has, but it has been of value to me.

I am no longer going to punish myself for not meeting targets I set for myself, every day isn’t going to be a winner. I’m no longer going to think “I should look better” before posting a photo, or “I have nothing important to say” before I update something. Because everything I say should be important, to me. I’m sure I’ve said this before in a post but, we are told straight of the mark, even in religion, that pride is a sin. It is not. Love yourself, be proud! If your standards aren’t somebody else’s then it’s not your problem. It’s their problem for feeling the need to impose their standards. Imagine feeling so fragile about your own self that you need to impose your standards and values onto other people to feel “better”. Ouch, no thank you.

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