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Creating A Toolbox to Maintain Your Wellness

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

What does a toolbox have to do with mental health I hear you cry! Well hear me out, a worker keeps everything that he needs to work inside their toolbox. So if we’re working to be healthier both in mind and body, we need the right tools to do the job. Where else would we keep them? Our metaphorical toolbox of course!

We are all individuals so our toolboxes will all be individual to us. I’ve included a list of the top 10 I keep in my toolbox to help give you some ideas.

  1. Go to the beach

  2. Draw or do crafts

  3. Colour in one of my mindfulness colouring books

  4. Cuddle and play with the dog

  5. Get lost in a fun game

  6. Get lost in a good book

  7. Watch cartoons (the nostalgia makes me feel better)

  8. Have a nap

  9. Invite friends or family over (sometimes this one is the last thing I want, but sometimes it’s just what I need)

  10. Have a self-care pamper night

It helps to have these all written down, even framed somewhere in your house. I have a board on my wardrobe door with pictures and statements to help when I’ve hidden away in the bedroom.

My Personal Inspire Board / My Wardrobe Door

Good luck everyone who wants to try and make their own toolbox. Share you’re own, we can all help each other think of new helpful things to add everyday!

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