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Help in Public Spaces: Medical Cards

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

*Disclaimer* I am not making any money from this post, I legitimately think they could be a huge help to my fellow ninjas and I have received permission to share my view.

Have you ever been out in public having the most internal struggle that you find yourself not blending into the crowd or attracting unwanted attention? 

Ever been in the mist of a psychotic break and finding no one is helping and you’re just getting in trouble the more you talk?

Some times I just can’t bring myself to talk or explain or put into words what is wrong. This can get me into trouble or even put me in harms way. The fact that I’m aware of this is what scares me the most. I’ve realised I am vulnerable. But recently I’ve been introduced to something which I believe could help everyone!

These cards enable us to just hand over a credit card sized piece of information that can help strangers and emergency services better understand and help us.

Created by Louisa, the cards can be customisable and she covers so many different types of cards that I think it would be impossible not to fill your needs. Check out her page and share with us your cards and how they’ve helped. You can find the link below.

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