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Media Casting Call: Could Your Story be a Short Film?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Recently I have been discussing about spreading awareness for two amazing projects looking to start in the near future! These two different projects are the brain child of Sebastien Hale.

Sebastien wants to give everyone a chance to show their strengths; whether it be lyric or poem, writing or creating the broader story line for the projects. He wants to work on every LGBTQ+ experience, hence this being a call for two different projects.

Both projects have been inspired by the LGBTQ+ community. One being a musical number, in reference to Sebastien’s love for music, and the other is a project called Transversal Animated. The list of roles below may not fit for both, so be aware that some calls are only for one project.

So, what how do you get involved? The list below from Sebastien shows exactly who he is looking for (including what their roles would be) to ignite these brilliant projects.


  1. Story line – you’ll help with developing story lines for each project we create, you’ll also help with placement of songs once they are written.

  2. Lyrics – you will take people’s stories and turn them into songs for this project, this is important to capture all of the emotions through words, but also keep it concise.

  3. Character Development – you will decide what characters are included, personalities, designs, etc.


Note: all musicians should have basic knowledge of how to read sheet music, even better if you know how to write it

  1. Music Development – you will discuss what kind of music/instrumentation would fit for the mood of a song, make a list to make it easy for the writers.

  2. Writers – you will collaborate to bring to life the instrumentation imagined by the development team.

  3. Vocals Team – I want to have this separate because in my mind it’s pretty specialised, and the people who are on this team should know how to write for four voices when applicable for company songs.


  1. Character Designs – you will be using the character layout provided by the writers to design the characters for our different projects.

  2. Setting Design – you will be in charge of creating all of the back drops for the scenes based on the descriptions created by writers.

  3. Promo Materials – you will work on the creation of posters/blogs/anything that we may post to advertise for the projects.

  4. Storyboard – you will be in charge of turning the script/recorded audio into a storyboard for animators to use.


  1. I would like this to be as professional as possible, obviously I know we’re not going to be like Disney, it’s not like an animated High School Musical, but I’d love to have it as close to anime style as we can possibly get.

Sharing Your Story

If you’d like to share your experience to help us make this project something people can relate to and as accurate as possible you can either email me, or if you’d like to remain anonymous you can fill out this form:

Contact Info

This will be a paid project, but we have to get some of the work done first.

If you would like to audition please send me a sample of either music or writing, preferably pertaining to the specific part.

Email me at:

Twitter: @sebisalive

Animator Audition Requirements: Please submit at least three examples of your animation style, and let me know why you are interested in working on this project.

Artists Audition Requirements: Please submit at least three character designs, and let me know what interests you about working on this project.

Writers Audition Requirements: Please submit at least three examples of storyboards that you’ve done before, and let me know what interests you about working on this project.

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