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Who is Mesothelioma Hope?

The majority of patients Mesothelioma Hope serve developed their illnesses as a result of toxic asbestos exposure. It's tragic and heart-breaking. Malignant mesothelioma is a rare but often deadly type of cancer that develops in the lining of the lungs or abdomen decades after asbestos exposure. In light of that, Mesothelioma Hope was founded to be a beacon of light in a dark time. They are on a mission to enrich, extend, and support the lives of these brave cancer patients and their loved ones.

They help patients:

  • Get examined to be properly diagnosed and staged

  • Connect with medical experts and cancer centers near them

  • Access financial benefits for cost-saving treatments

  • Locate new clinical trials and therapies across the country

  • Find groups for emotional support after a diagnosis

As Arber and Spencer point out in their article in Psycho-Oncology, there is a connection between an individual’s physical and emotional symptoms. Part of the reason for that is the fact that so much of our personal identity comes from our relationship with our bodies. That is, what they are capable of, how they look or how they feel.

When there is a loss of control, like the one that can come when an individual learns they have mesothelioma, it creates a sense of uncertainty and unpredictability which can be felt with physical sensations.

Patients who receive emotional support for mesothelioma immediately following a diagnosis are more likely to believe that they can improve their condition and achieve their treatment goals. Both of those experiences can lead to a further reduction in a person’s emotional distress.

If you think you would benefit from working with Mesothelioma Hope you can find out more at:


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